Hot Shots: Is Lauren Conrad Showin' Too Much Skin?

Not to sound like a total prude -- or, worse, our mom and dad! -- but when we first saw these pics of The Hills' Lauren Conrad (from last night's Maxim party), we actually wondered if she'd forgotten to wear pants. Then we checked out Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth's frocks and realized not ONE of their glittery getups even reached mid-thigh!

Okay, so obvs, the girls look fab (we heart their shimmers and sparkles and ruffles!) but just LOOKING at these outfits gave us a mini panic attack. And as we imagined all the things that could go wrong (what if they dropped something? or took the stairs? what if they SAT DOWN?!) we started wondering whether this rapidly disappearing dress trend's finally getting out of hand.

Are you guys ready to lop another six inches off your fave designer dresses? Or do you prefer a (slightly) less leggy look? Take the poll and tell us how short is too short!

You tell us: Are the Hillzies showing too much skin?

  • Yes! One more inch and we're talking indecent exposure.
  • No. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!