Hot Shots: The Ruins Guys Go With The Mo!

November's a big month for everyone here at Not only does it come with the promise of over-sweetened pumpkin lattes and endless leftover turkey sandwiches/salad/soup/satay/etc., a new tradition's been put into the mix by our friends over at moustache-growing!

That's right, during this entire month, dudes across the U.S. are sporting all sortsa sexy 'staches to help raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. And because we can't resist a man with even the slightest bit of stubble, Remote Control has teamed up with some of your favorite MTV reality stars to get the word out!

Check out these pix of Evan and Johnny Bananas going full-on mo at our Ruins Replay shoot last week (yes, that IS mascara the boys are applying to their skimpy staches in order to achieve a manlier effect), plus head to to start your own team!