Sarah's 'Stage Five Clinger' Crush On Kenny Revealed!

While cute, cuddly Cohutta tried to work his Southern charms on Susie, Challenge newbie Sarah found herself wondering what it'd be like to get a little better acquainted with the Italian Stallion, Kenny Santucci. So she did what any girl in love (lust, boredom, whatever you wanna call it) would do: started following him around The Ruins 'til people called her a "stage five clinger."

Okay, fine, so subtlety's not the girl's strong point -- but did Sarah's stalkerish behavior end up getting her the guy? Hear her speak about her lurking ways, plus find out whether those private "drawing" sessions with the Ken Doll ever got sketchy!

+ Bonus: Wanna know how Sarah went from starstruck newbie to an honorary member of the Champions' team? Hear Evan, Susie and Johnny discuss how Sarah's positive 'tude (and knack for making sandwiches) helped earn her a seat at the cool kids' table.