VIDEO: Did Kristin Cavallari Like Seeing Audrina Squirm?

Kristin Cavallari doesn't seem to regret kicking Justin Bobby to the curb. Instead of waiting by the phone for him to call (or send another hilarious joke text), she was out at da club, canoodling with Brody Jenner ... and getting into it with Jayde and her Playboy posse. And since she and Audrina Patridge aren't exactly besties these days ('member the birthday blowout?) K-Cav sez she found out about 'Drina getting dumped the same way the rest of us did: by watching last night's Hills!

So what was it like seeing her Hills rival get her heart broken? Last night, Kristin dropped by the After Show (via satellite) to discuss Justin's breakup bombshell, settle the Speidi score and let her fans know revenge isn't always sweet. Check it out -- then tell us whether you think K-Cav's giving it to us straight!

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