Power To The People! Vote The Hills No. 1 TV Obsession

Nothing against upper-eastsiders, vampires and serial killers, but we're hoping that catfights and hookups reign supreme Jan. 6 at the People's Choice Awards. The Hills is up against four top-notch shows (Gossip Girl, True Blood, Dexter and The Secret Life of the American Teenager) in a fight to take the Favorite TV Obsession category -- and our L.A. drama queens need YOUR help to win.

Deny it all you want to your History Channel-loving friends -- we know you're still faithfully watching The Hills (thanks to a little thing called ratings). So say it loud, say it proud: "I'm obsessed with The Hills!" Or just head over to the secret ballot at PeoplesChoice.com to cast your vote. K-Cav thanks you kindly.