Hot Shots: Whitney And Roxy Just Wanna Have Fun!

Whitney and Roxy might've spent most of their time in Miami arguing (and racking up a hefty room service bill), but it wasn't all work and no play for the City pals! In between exchanging dirty looks, the girls actually managed to sneak in some fun in the sun, take in a couple shows and get all decked out for Erin Kaplan's Xtra Life LYCRA party (above, right).

Check out these behind-the-scenes shots from Miami (FYI, that's Whit batting her eyelashes at actor Adam Gregory!) and see how the girls got down after the working day was done!

+ Check out more pics of Whitney working on her tan (on her afternoon off, of course!) plus tell us whether you wanna see more of Whitney and Roxy bonding -- or butting heads! -- on The City.