VIDEO: Has Brad Finally Reached His Breaking Point?

Nobody likes to lose. Unfortunately for Brad, his team's tanked six of the last seven challenges, thanks in no small part to Casey and her unrivaled streak of last place finishes. Naturally, we empathize (after all, it's not HIS fault he got stuck on JV while Kenny and Evan made the Dream Team), but this week, Brad jumped from mildly frustrated to dangerously unhinged -- and we gotta admit, we were kinda scared.

Watching Brad tear into sweet, defenseless Casey tonight made us wonder whether the (previously) laid-back vet had finally crossed the line from competitive to full-on crazy. Which, in turn, made us wanna know: Was this just a moment of weakness? Or has Brad finally reached his breaking point on The Ruins?

Take another look at the scary showdown below, then tell us whether you think Brad's fed-up with losing -- or on the verge of losing it!