Hills Style Wars! Jayde And Kristin Face Off In Flannel

We already saw Kristin get the best of Jayde on Tuesday night's 'I'm With Brody!' showdown. But who's got the edge in terms of style? After spotting both girls rockin' the hottest trend of the season (hint: it rhymes with shmannel!), we thought we'd give 'em a chance to battle it out in an RC fashion faceoff! Think K-Cav deserves snaps for her low-key look? Or are you more into Jayde's fancy spin? Take a look, then tell us who was workin' it in plaid!

You tell us: Who looks the fiercest in flannel?

  • Jayde Nicole
  • Kristin Cavallari
  • Neither! C'mon, plaid is sooo 1990s.