Brett REALLY Doesn't Want To End Up Homeless

Throughout this season of Styl'D, the junior assistants will be watching each episode and blogging about their reactions. Below, check out what Brett wrote after seeing Ep. 2.

It's really hard watching myself on TV, and it's actually getting harder now that I'm reading all the blogs and tweets (omg this is an amazing time to give you my Twitter name @brettalannelson!!!!!).

I really don't think people know where I'm coming from. At this point in taping, I was dead broke, didn't know if I had my job anymore and I was screwed at EVER having a chance of working with any of these stylists! I had my talk with Jen Rade basically begging her for a second chance (which you didn't get to see all of) and was really just hoping that Jen saw something in me. A talent that I DO HAVE, and one that I wanted to show!

Things could go two ways from here. One (the good way) -- I get my job back and put my amazing skills up to bat again. Or, Two -- I don't get my job back, I become homeless (please note: a very fashionable homeless person) and at some point move back home.

Well, No. 2 wasn't even an option for me. That would have meant I failed, and I really could not have that... So watch next week to see what happens!