Kelly Cutrone Rocks! (But We'd Last 10 Seconds On Her Team)

Lately, we haven't held back from praising Kelly Cutrone and her take-no-BS, tough talkin' ways. But there is one minor thing we've left out (due to fear of possibly having our lives ruined): There's NO CHANCE in hell we'd want to work for her. (Please Kelly, don't be mad. You wouldn't want to hire us anyway. We wear Gap.)

Let us explain. It's not that we don't use Kel as our model for runnin' s**t and ALWAYS gettin' the job done. It's just that we're still working on thickening our skin (slash laughing it off when our boss implies we suck and are easily replaceable). Being yelled at is really not our cup of tea; however, we simply can't imagine a world in which we didn't get to hear the Scary Boss Lady go off on her employees at any moment. (We are voyeurs by occupation, you see.)

Whitney and Roxy took soooo many hits tonight -- partly because Rox couldn't control her mox -- but we want to know your favorite chew-out. Take a look at some of KC's best quotes from the latest episode of The City and tell us the one that had you thinking, "I will never take for granted my quiet desk job. Ever. Again."

1) "We have to step it up. You deliver the press, you service the clients, you keep your job. You don't do that, we say buh-bye. OK?"

2) "What the f**k is going on here? There's 700 million f**king things that need to go on. If you guys have a problem, take it outside. Stop f**king group therapy."

3) "Ohhh, well call me a controlling, f**king bitch for wanting us to be professional! ... If it happens again, you guys can find another f**king job!"

4) "You owe me $100 -- I'll f**king take it out of your pay. Go to Taco Bell next time."