Bunny Down! K-Cav Struts Outta Da Club With Jayde's Man

We usually put these precious Hills matters to a poll (cuz what do we know about relationships -- or throwing down with Playboy Playmates -- anyway?), but we're not even gonna bother asking y'all who won tonight's catfight at da club. No doubt about it, Kristin Cavallari proved who's boss when she left the scene of the crime with her dignity (mostly) in tact -- and more importantly, Brody by her side. Hey, the girl that gets the guy is ALWAYS the clear winner, it's that simple.

Only time will tell whether Jayde can scheme romance her way back into Brody's pants heart (he says 'hells to the no' right now), but in the meantime, we wanted to offer up a huge congrats to K-Cav for playing the Two Girls/One Confused Bro game like a true pro -- and landing the prize with even his mother's approval. Job well done, Kristin! We hope to see you and Brody hooking up on the beach, officially getting back together over candlelit dinner, bickering about babies/vasectomies and breaking up to the tune of deafening dance music by the end of the season.