Cody To Brett: 'Get Over Yourself ... Life Goes On!'

Throughout this season of Styl'D, the junior assistants will be watching each episode and blogging about their reactions. Below, check out what Cody wrote after seeing Ep. 2.

What is my purpose? My whole life, I have always asked myself that question. I've wanted to do something great, exciting and, of course, LARGER THAN LIFE. After applying for the Margaret Maldonado Agency, I didn’t think I made it because I didn't hear from the agency for a few weeks. It wasn’t 'til I received a phone call from Jen Rade that my heart sank and my eyes opened -- she was asking me to come in for the program!

So yeah, I became the new guy. Was it luck that Brett was fired? Fate, maybe? Destiny? I don’t care. All I knew is that I was there to STAY! Having never styled before, I also knew I had my work cut out for me. I worked in wholesale all my life, so this would definitely be a new chapter, one that would challenge me to think in different ways.

The initial meeting with Eric went OK. Yes, I forgot to ask some key questions. But isn’t it also his job to provide me with crucial information like sizes? I’m just saying, NOT making excuses.

At the showroom, I was overwhelmed because women’s fashion was so new to me -- but I get women in general, so I knew I would be fine. I felt totally confident putting a rocker look together. I pulled some great pieces, and to my surprise, Eric was very much pleased .... BUT NOTHING FIT! DAMMIT!! Tara got lucky and pulled the Advil dress that looked totally different from the hanger to the final fit.

Tara: What’s that? Did you say, “I’m a poor man's Brad Pitt??” At least I’m not the entire Disney cast!! And Brett: Get over yourself! I took your place, big freaking deal!! Life goes on, and it’s not like I was being a douche at dinner.

Sidenote: I came to the dinner because Tara invited me, and I thought it would be great to meet everyone and have a good time. If you didn’t want it to be weird, why the f%ck did you invite Janna?? P.S. Gary You freaking rock!! Of course, this would have to be our first time meeting.

So I didn’t do so hot on my first job -- no big deal. The next go around will be different. Off with your head!! Dance ’til you’re dead. Heads will roll!! Love that song. Here I come!