Gary Views Tara As His Top Competition On Styl'D

Throughout this season of Styl'D, the junior assistants will be watching each episode and blogging about their reactions. Below, check out what Gary wrote after seeing Ep. 2.

OK, so I would definitely say that Tara is my top competition now, seeing how 1) Brett is fired; 2) Cody is not familiar with women’s fashion AT ALL; and 3) Janna can’t put a look together to save her life. Yes … Tara has definitely got me on patrol. The girl can style. She is eccentrically forward with her styles and pulls, and let's be honest, she knows what she wants.

I have to tell you, I was bummed I wasn’t ranked first this week. I know Tara pulled a red carpet look, but are you freaking kidding me? HELLO?? I was the the mad servant boy who had to haul two rolling racks, garment bags and shoes & accessories totes up Runyon Canyon. TWICE! For those of you who are unaware, it was the middle of the summer, and Runyon is a good mile and a quarter high. Not only did I have to perform in a freaking triathlon, but I was also the only assistant who actually assisted, from being at Julie's every beck and call to giving consistently strong looks that both Julie and the photographers were living for! Let's also not forget the fact that without me, Jules would have been up sh#t's creek!

OK, enough pouting -- I am over it. I do have to say regardless … this job was so much fun for me. My favorite thing to do is thrift shop. I swear, that’s all I shop. (Well, that, Pasadena flea market, opening ceremony and occasionally Barneys). But you catch my drift. With thrifting, I am able to find amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces and put runway looks together for under $10. It’s a stylist's dream and definitely the best way to shop.

I was thrilled that Jusle-gules was able to get a glimpse of Gar, and what I do. It was a great opportunity and I am proud of myself. I would definitely say it was an amazing overall experience -- and YES, I did have fun. I always have fun!