No More Mr. Nice Guy! Joe Zee (Finally) Brings The Bitchy

Joe Zee may be Mr. Important at Elle, but as far as bossing people around goes, he's kind of a softie. Not only has the giggly admin given Olivia Palermo at least a zillion redos, but he's also politely ignored Erin Kaplan's smirking habit -- and taken next-to-no notice of the ladies' constant sniping. So we were thrown for a little bit of a loop tonight when Joe (finally) emerged from his non-confrontational cocoon -- and scolded Team Erivia with all the fury (but none of the f-bombs) of a cray cray Kelly Cutrone.

So what'd you think of Joe's unexpected outburst? Well, after we got over the initial shock of seeing the stylish supervisor explode, we silently applauded him for taking charge -- and for holding BOTH Liv and Erin responsible for dropping the ball. Much as we love watching the man giggle, we'd rather see him put an end to all the pettiness by giving his girls a stern ultimatum: either find a way to work together, or find somewhere else to work!

+ Think Joe Zee's tongue lashing was too little too late? Or were you floored by the creative director's moxie? Take the poll and tell us what you thought of Joe's bitchy blowup on The City!

You tell us: Did you like seeing Joe Zee bring da heat?

  • Absolutely! Who knew he could be so fierce?!
  • Not at all. Sorry, but I want Joe Softie back!