Does Kristin Cavallari Have A Thing For Boys With Baggage?

First, she battled it out with Lauren Conrad over Stephen Colletti. Then, she waged war with Audrina Patridge over Justin Bobby. Now, she's pushing Jayde Nicole's buttons (and getting pushed around by Playmates) over Brody Jenner. So what's Kristin Cavallari's deal, anyway? Is she always picking the wrong men? Or is she just more interested in the chase (or, in her case, the catfight) than the dudes themselves?

Here's what we know: Kristin's got the head-turning looks, the fun-loving personality and the sexy, confident, swagga that guys go gaga over. And yet, somehow, she always seems to end up chasing after the one boy she can't actually have. So what's really going on here? Well, either K-Cav's a master of self-sabotage (i.e. she's attracted to all the wrong guys), or else she secretly lurves the drama that comes with moving in on another girl's turf.

+ Think you've got K-Cav all figured out? Take the poll and tell us whether you think the tough-talkin' Hillzie's got a thing for boys with baggage -- or guys with girlfriends!

You tell us: Is Kristin looking for love? Or drama?

  • Love! Deep down, she's really a romantic!
  • Drama. Watch out, boys. This girl's all about the hunt!