Is Justin Trying To Hurt Audrina? Cuz It's Totally Working...

Two weeks ago, Justin Bobby told Audrina Patridge he'd never find anyone as good as her. So you can imagine the surprise (and yes, the humiliation) she must've felt tonight, when JB told her he was still too hung up on Kristin to even THINK about getting back together with Audrina.

Wait, hold up a sec -- Kristin? As in Cavallari? As in the no-strings-attached chick who dated Justin a handful of times, bitched him out over a text, then seemingly dumped his ass for Brody? Yep, according to JB, those three weeks of noncommittal bliss meant more than his four (or five) year love affair with Audrina. Or at least that's what he wants her to think.

Our take? Justin had second thoughts after his emotional outpouring with Audrina (as guys are wont to do), but instead of being honest about it, he decided to pin the whole thing on her, as though she'd completely misread all the signals. And while we understand the change of heart -- without Kristin, the grass-is-greener philosophy doesn't exactly fly -- we think he could've softened the blow a bit (or at least pretended to care) when Audrina told him she wanted to give it another go as a couple.

+ Think Justin deliberately led Audrina on, only to break her heart for the umpteenth time? Or is he just an immature jerk who (still) doesn't know what he wants? Take the poll and tell us whether you think JB is a bad boyfriend -- or an all-around bad guy.

You tell us: Did Justin set out to hurt Audrina?

  • Yes. He's all about playing games!
  • No. He's just a jerk without a clue.