Styl'D's Janna: Julie Was 'Unprofessional'

Throughout this season of Styl'D, the junior assistants will be watching each episode and blogging about their reactions. Below, check out what Janna wrote after seeing Ep. 2.

I was so nervous to work with Julie after The Brett Incident -- jeez, Julie, talk about killing the messenger! Our jobs are nerve-racking enough having to work with high profile celebrities and trying to please Senior Stylists without having Julie belittle, embarrass and berate me in front of the clients! I mean, talk about unprofessional.

When I saw the episode, it was like watching Julie kick a confused puppy. A little constructive criticism would have gone a long way. I know I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, but I was trying to do a good job, listen, learn and fit in with MMA.

After a long, rough day, I was looking forward to meeting up with Tara, Gary and "the new guy" Cody, and hoping to get back on track with Brett -- but that just turned into more drama. Tara and Gary had invited me to Brett's roommates' party, but I sat there feeling awkward and left out. I remember hoping at the time that it would all blow over and I would finally be able to focus on doing a better job. Well, stay tuned...