Is KellyAnne Using Casey To Fight Her Battles?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: neither Johanna nor Susie has any desire to take on KellyAnne in The Ruins. So who would the Challengers' powerhouse pick if she had her choice? Well, according to Sarah, KellyAnne would have to go with Susie (a.k.a. the one who didn't almost marry her boyfriend). But since it's unlikely that KellyAnne will ever get to choose her own opponent (if her team wins, they'll be gunning for Casey instead), she's apparently hit on an alternate strategy: convince the Challenger girls to take out Johanna for her.

The way Sarah tells it, KellyAnne convinced Casey she'd have a much easier time going up against Johanna. The only problem with that? Sarah and Susie suspect KellyAnne's less interested in helping her team play the percentages -- and more interested in sparing herself the awkwardness of throwing down with Wes' ex.

So does that mean KellyAnne's playing dirty? Well, that kinda depends on her motivation. Given her teammate's size, strength and (lack of) athletic ability -- and Susie's fierce rep/still-undefeated record -- we actually think KellyAnne's right: Casey's only chance IS to go for Johanna's jugular.

'Course, ya gotta wonder why KellyAnne's so interested in keeping Casey around in the first place. After all, if she's as much of a liability as everyone says, wouldn't the Challengers be (much) better off without her? Tell us whether you think KellyAnne's trying to help Casey (and hurt Johanna) at the expense of her team!

+ Still not sure what KellyAnne has up her sleeve? Watch this vid of The Ruins girls questioning KellyAnne's motives, then help us all decide whether she's out to save her friend -- or put a hit out on her worst enemy.