V Factory's Style Reinvention: From Boys To Men!

Brett might've snagged himself a (controversial) one-on-one styling sesh with V Factory frontman Asher Book last week, but last time we checked, Senior Stylist Julie Weiss was still the one in charge of maintaining the group's look. So what'd the boys think of their monochromatic look on the Styl'D premiere? No serious complaints, but these days, Asher (and bandmate Wesley Quinn) say they're more into playing dress-up. Listen in as the V-boys tell Julie how age, maturity (and much bigger budgets!) have led to a major step-up in style.

Bonus: Hear what else V Factory had to say about watching themselves (and, uh, everybody else) on the Styl'D series premiere, plus tune in tonight at 11pm for an all-new episode!