Follow RW: Brooklyn's Ryan During His Second Tour Of Duty

Soldier-turned-civilian Ryan Conklin was kicking back in the Real World: Brooklyn house when he received word that he'd be heading back to Iraq for a second tour of duty. That life-changing moment (captured by the MTV camera crews) forced Ryan to put his plans for the future on hold and answer the call of duty, and by the time the RW episode had aired (in late March of 2009), he'd already shipped out for basic training in Campy Shelby, Miss.

Now working as a patrol gunner in Baghdad, Ryan invited the MTV cameras along to document his journey as an American soldier in Iraq. Take a sneak peek at Real World Presents: Return To Duty and catch its premiere on Veterans Day (Wednesday, Nov. 11) at 9pm.

+ Learn more about Ryan's story by checking out the Return To Duty site, plus take another look at the phone call on Real World: Brooklyn that turned Ryan's world upside down.