Whitney Port: I Never Felt Like I Was In LC's League

In a juicy, no-holds-barred interview with the UK's Daily Mail, City girl Whitney Port explains what it's like to be a shy, "non-attention seek[er]" who somehow ended up with very own reality TV show. Among the revealing topics du jour? Whit insists she has "fat days" (just like everybody else), claims she felt out of place on The Hills and cops to a lingering obsession with her ex Jay Lyon's band, Tamarama.

We've laid out our five favorite quotes below (including the part where Whit describes costar Olivia Palermo as "difficult, cold and aloof"), so read on to hear Whitney dish the dirt about living her life in the MTV spotlight.

On getting overshadowed by her Hills costars:

"[W]hen I was on The Hills, there wasn’t a focus on me, I just got on with my day job. But I became genuine friends with Lauren [Conrad] and I got to know the gang – Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, etc – who were already well-known. But in terms of attention, I just wasn’t in their league."

On how she ended up with her own spinoff:

"I think [MTV] recognized that I am a neutral person, that they could base The City on me and I’d be the solid one, the one that people could relate to. And I gave them a disclaimer; I said, 'If you guys are looking for me to start the dramas, then I’m not that person.'"

On Olivia Palermo's off-screen persona:

"Olivia is a socialite and she can be difficult, cold and aloof ... She’s for real. She acts like everyone’s the enemy and no matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to get through to her or become her friend. She thinks she is above everyone else."

On whether she steps up her style for the paparazzi:

"I’m not so vain that I want to get dressed up for the cameras all the time. I’m happy to leave my apartment without makeup -- I just put on some big sunglasses or, if I’m having a fat day, I’ll wear a baggy T-shirt and jeans and just get on with it."

On what kind of music she has on her iPod:

"I still listen to Jay’s band Tamarama. But that’s because we’re friends and I don’t get the heart-wrench any more."

+ Want more City scoop? Head to the Daily Mail's website and read the rest of Whitney's interview (including the part where she "jokes" about Olivia taking three hours to get ready!).