VIDEO: Are Brody And Kristin Officially Back On!?

Sure, Brody and Kristin have been spending a lot of time together -- and, yeah, he DID tell us he and his lady were "on a break" -- but we weren't expecting to see him cozy up to his ex for at least two or three more episodes. Thankfully, we seem to have underestimated the power (and influence) of one Kristin Cavallari.

Yep, things move pretty quickly in Hills universe, and next week, K-Cav and Brody are already starting to think about becoming boyfriend-girlfriend again! But don't worry, Team Jayde-ers -- your girl's not going down without a (very public!) catfight.

Meanwhile, Audrina's finally opening up about her feelings for (the newly single) Justin Bobby, but it looks as though her hard-hearted ex might've finally moved on for good.

+ Get a sneak peek of all the relationship drama coming your way, then tune in next Tuesday night to find out who's making up, who's breaking up and who's ready to rebound on The Hills!

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