Hot Shots: Would You Wear K-Cav's Sexy See-Through Top?

Nobody would ever use the word "shy" to describe Kristin Cavallari. This week, the Hillzie went toe-to-toe with Audrina Patridge, and next week, she may finally give us the Kristin-Jayde smackdown we've all been waiting for. So is she just as bold when it comes to her wardrobe? We'll put it this way: lacy/sheer tops don't exactly scream conservative. Check out K-Cav's sexy, see-through chemise (she wore the barely-there blouse last night at L.A.'s Breeder Cup) then tell us whether you'd try this transparent look for yourself!

You tell us: What do you think of K-Cav's sheer top?

  • Love it! She looks amazing, as always!
  • It's edgy ... but not exactly my style.
  • Cover up, Kristin! Your bra is showing!

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