Styl'D Poll: Does Brett Deserve To Get Sacked?

We came into Sunday night's Styl'D premiere looking for cattiness, but we got even more than we hoped for thanks to Brett and Janna's unexpected tete-a-tete. The lowdown? Sweet, fresh-faced Janna turned Brett in for disobeying his boss' orders (and using her name to score a celeb client). All of which sounds pretty open-and-shut -- til you consider that Janna was the one encouraging Brett to take the gig in the first place.

+ Think Brett should get pink-slipped for breaking the rules? Or should his bosses give him one more chance to prove he's got what it takes? Take the poll and tell us whether you guys think Brett's mistake oughta cost him his job!

You tell us: Does Brett deserved to get fired?

  • Absolutely. At MMA, one strike and you're out!
  • Give the guy a break, it was his first week!
  • Maybe ... but if he goes, Janna should, too.

+ Big news, fashionistas! Styl'D's moving to Tuesday nights! Tune in next Tues (Nov. 10) at 11pm to catch an all-new episode -- and find out whether Brett's bosses can find it in their hearts to forgive him!