Hot Shots: Roxy's Lookin' Oh-So-Foxy In Black!

If you watched this week's City, then you already know why we're head over heels for Whitney Port's pal Roxy Olin. Not only is this chick frickin' hilarious, but she's also got no prob sayin' exactly what's on her mind. Which is why she's now officially our new go-to gal for long car rides, raunchy tattoo confessionals and awkward public breakups.

And just when we thought we'd seen her whole bag o' tricks, Roxy blew us away by looking ab fab at Isaac Mizrahi's launch party Wednesday night. (The best part? She actually skipped out early to run home and watch the Yanks win the World Series! Our kinda girl!) Anyhow, check out these pics of the brassy brunette workin' it in head-to-toe black, and tell us whether you're lurving her as much as we are!