City Poll: Should Whitney Have Dumped Freddie On The Spot?

Finding out her new guy already HAD a girlfriend put Whitney in a pretty tough spot. 'Specially considering she was vacationing (at his house!) in the Hamptons at the time of discovery. So what should she have done? The way we see it, our City gal had two clear options:

1) Ignore it (for now), spend the rest of the weekend sunning herself by the pool/listening to bawdy stories about Roxy's crotch tat, then confront him back on her home turf. Or...

2) Accuse Fred Facks of being a total jerkface, storm off (to the sweltering heat of NYC) and leave him to rot in his luxurious Hamptons prison.

Now, in fairness to Whit, she didn't exactly PICK option No. 2 (it was more or less forced on her by She With The Tattooed You-Know-What), but we're wondering whether she should've let things simmah -- then given Freddie a chance to explain himself the next time they were alone.

+ Think peacing out of the Hamptons was the right move? Or would you have made the best of a bad sitch (think: beach party/girls' night out!) and saved the drama for later? Take the poll and tell us how you would've handled things if you were Whitney!

Would you have stuck around if you were Whitney?

  • No way! I would've been on the first Jitney home.
  • Maybe ... if it was good tanning weather!