Producer's Point Of View: 'I Worried About Breezy's Safety'

When a serious subject like drug addiction is tackled by a TV production crew, it's not just the people on camera who become affected by what unfolds. Below, check out Gone Too Far Producer Amy Bonezzi's notes on what it was like to film Breezy's story...

I was greatly affected by Breezy's story. Unlike some of the heroin and pill addicts we’ve worked with for Gone Too Far, she didn't drink constantly throughout the day. There were many times when she was sober. The problem was that when she did drink, which was often, she had no limits and would drink until she was completely out of control -- fighting or blacking out.

Seeing Breezy drink, although it was upsetting, wasn’t nearly as bad as seeing her become violent. When she was drinking, I not only worried about her safety, but the safety of everyone around her.

The night we shot the scene where Breezy got into a fight was particularly scary. We were in the middle of the woods in Texas with only the light from our cameras. The fight got so violent that our crew had to stop shooting because we needed to get out of the situation.

Adam and Breezy shared a special connection. And when he drove from Los Angeles to visit her at rehab in Newport Beach, she was genuinely surprised and thankful to have him there. I think it helped her stay in treatment longer just knowing he was only a short drive away.

The way that Adam spoke so candidly with Breezy really seemed to affect her. Not only did he understand how she was feeling, but he always had an answer or anecdote that put things in perspective for her. Each time he finished visiting with her, it was evident that she really soaked in all of his advice. He gave her something to think about and work toward.

Adam was pushing for Breezy to stay in treatment for 90 days, but she ended up staying for only 30. Still, this was a huge accomplishment. Throughout her life, she had not set a lot of goals for herself that she’d actually achieved, so in that sense Breezy viewed her stay in rehab as a success. I think that she’s proud of herself for working her program -- and I’m proud of her, too.

In my opinion, the biggest thing Breezy needs to do now that she's home is keep busy. There’s not a whole lot to do in Crowley, TX, and it would be good for her to become part of the recovery community there, as well as find a job to get her out of the house and feeling productive. I think she’s intelligent and can do anything she puts her mind to.