VIDEO: Jokester Johnny Pushes Derrick To The Edge!

We've never considered Johnny's 'sense of humor' his best asset, but according to Evan and Kenny, their notoriously hotheaded friend's always been a total prankster. Guess it's just too bad his latest target didn't get the joke. (Derrick's such a lame-o! Who wouldn't think it was lol-hilarious to be tarred and feathered for The Ruins cameras?)

Sorry, D. This is one embarrassing moment your newborn child will one day come across on YouTube (and subsequently get mocked and pounded for during recess.) Might as well get used to reliving the moment and reading various "bok-bok-boks" on interactive video players like this one:

Bonus: After the jump, hear why Johnny's (only?) friends think he's harmless, then check out all of our Ruins Replay exclusives for more interviews with the cast!

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