Awesome Alert! Roxy's A Good Friend To Have Around

OK, aside from taking on the perhaps unnecessary job of being Whitney's "mouthpiece," we're thinking Roxy Olin just upped her coolness quotient by a gazillion. After weeks of speculation about the newest City cast member, last night we finally got a true blue dose of what this L.A. implant is all about ... and we absolutely LURVVVVED it. Popping her head through the car's moon roof? Just what that snoozefest long ride needed. Piping up about sleeping arrangements at the Hamptons house? Someone had to ask! Crotch tattoo? You go, woman.

Plus, we now know for certain that Roxy's got Whitney's back. Maybe she overstepped her bounds a bit during pool time with those sketchy bros, but hey, it was obvs coming from a good place. And Fred "But...But...But" Fackelmayer really had it coming.

+ Are you diggin' Roxy's true colors just as much as we are? Sound off in the comments section about whether you're into the new girl's wild ways.

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