Who Won Round Two Of The Audrina/Kristin Smackdown?

When we heard Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge would be throwing down for the second time, we were super psyched -- but also a wee bit skeptical. After all (we thought), how could anything compare to K-Cav's "psycho-bitch" debut? Yeah ... turns out we needn't have worried.

Thankfully, the girls were back at each other's throats, hurling expletives, oozing disdain and keeping us entertained with their never-ending supply of passive aggressive put-downs. So who had the best zinger of the night?

After the smoke finally cleared (and the claws were retracted/stowed away for future use), we jotted down the entirety of the awkward tete-a-tete. Take another look at the standoff in all its amazing/uncomfortable glory (after the jump), then tell us which gal you think got in the best eff-you!

Who had the upper hand in tonight's smackdown?

  • Audrina. By the time she was done, so were Kristin and Justin.
  • Kristin. First she took out Audrina, then she went after her ex.

Kristin: I just feel like there's no reason for you and I to be on either end of the room ignoring each other. I mean, we obviously have the same friends.

Audrina: Yeah.

Kristin: I don't want to be at a party and have to stare at you across the room and I under--

Audrina (interrupting): I mean I've seriously moved beyond that, it's just over.

Kristin: I mean, honestly, like, my whole thing was I really wanted to sit down with you and hash everything out, and when you blew me off, then I was like, 'You know what? Screw it!' Like, I don't owe you anything!

Audrina (talking over her): I just feel like I don't owe you anything, I don't know you, so why should I sit down and talk to you and give you the time of day?

Kristin: (cuts in): Exactly why I shouldn't stay away from Justin -- because we weren't friends. (pause) I mean, listen, I've --

Audrina: I feel like there's not much more to talk about. The whole thing with Justin, like, I did care about him for four or five years, and so I just wanted to distance myself --

Kristin: -- And, like, that's why I wanted to sit down with you and talk to you, because when I talked to him he was like, 'Audrina and I were first of all never together.' Which, I'm sure, that's hard for you to hear, as a woman. It's like, how could you let him do that to you?

Audrina: I have to tell you, I did meet with him for drinks the other night and --

Kristin: (interrupts) What did he say? Did he tell you that we've been hanging out?

Audrina: He said basically that you two were never together and that he never got over me.

Kristin: Really?

Audrina: Yeah.

Kristin: Okay, Audrina.

Audrina: As far as Justin, just keep your distance, I'll keep mine and that's it. I could care less who you date, who you're involved with. I really could give two sh--s.

Kristin: F--- you. Like, you know, I don't wanna be friends with you and, like, I'm done with you.

Audrina: See you around.