Is Heidi Channeling Lauren Conrad With Her New 'Do?

When Heidi told Spencer she wanted to have a birthday party this year (needy, needy!), all we could think was: 1) Will they invite Enzo? and 2) Where have we seen that nifty side-braid before? Well, turns out, this party was an adults-only affair -- good thing, too, given Audrina and Kristin's potty mouths -- and, after staring at Heidi's hair for a few secs, it finally hit us: that blink-and-you'll-miss-me braid is LC's trademark look!

+ Think Heidi's intentionally channeling her ex-BFF? Or are we just imagining the similarities? Take a look at these side-by-side pix then tell us whether Heidi's walking around with a lock of Lauren's hair!

Is Heidi swiping LC's style?

  • Um, YEAH. Lauren practically invented the side-braid.
  • No. It's a free country and Heidi can twist if she wants to.

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