Five Pseudo-Plausible Explanations For Fred Facks' Bad Behavior

Last week, daddy's boy Freddie Fackelmayer surprised Whitney Port with a romantic dinner for two three. This week, he brought her to a weirdo Hamptons rave (fun!) where his brother tried to kiss her and, oh yeah, told her Fred Facks ALREADY HAS A GIRLFRIEND. But is he as guilty as he looks? We thought long and hard and came up with five pseudo-convincing reasons for Freddie's sketchy behavior. Starting with ...

Explanation No. 1: Freddie DOES have a girlfriend. A loving, caring devoted (but tragically ill) girlfriend, whose dying wish was to know that he was already casually dating someone else. Sniff!

Explanation No. 2: Harry was totally lying. Possibly because he likes Whitney. Possibly because he's the worst brother in the world. Possibly both.

Explanation No. 3: Whatever happens in the Hamptons stays in the Hamptons?

Explanation No. 4: Freddie DID have a girlfriend ... but she broke up with him after he "accidentally" brought his dad to dinner. On their anniversary. For the hundredth time ...

Explanation No. 5: Um, WHO CARES?! This is a good thing, Whit! Orange you glad you found out now -- before you became Mr. and Mrs, Spray Tan?