Ruins Poll: Who (Else) Wants To Get With Kenny?

Tall, dreamy and (justifiably!) narcissistic, Kenny's been our not-so-secret man crush for going on three years now. The only problem? We're officially running out of patience.

Over the last few challenges, we've endured the pain of Kennyhana, written Special K a long and heartfelt love poem and listened with rapt attention as he described his sexy boudoir/manly Batman sheets. So now, with Johanna finally out of the picture (he already shot her down! Score!), we want to know what other competition is out there...

Have YOU ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy a romantic evening (on the couch ... watching The Notebook) with the K-man? Or are you more interested in spending a lil' private time with Johnny Bananas or Evan, (who we hear are fab as well)? Take the poll and let us know whether you share our undying love for the Kenster and therefore must be stopped.

Do you dream of Kenny?

  • Every single night!
  • Nah. I'm not into pretty boys.
  • Wait ... if I say yes will you actually try and hurt me?

+ Bonus: Watch this gratuitous video of Kenny wearing nothing but a towel, after the jump! (Thanks, Challenge Dailies!)

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