Hills Poll: Is Justin Bobby Worth All This Fighting?

We're not discounting the fact that girls can get highly competitive when it comes to playing Who Does He Like More?, and fights are bound to break out when two outspoken enemies are (or have been) romantically entangled with the same guy -- but why all this fuss over some dude who's got a masters degree in head games?

Sure, he's hot. Er, really hot these days. But Justin Bobby's most boyfriendly acts in Hills history have been spitting a non-engagement ring into Audrina's palm and breaking into Kristin's house to make his macaroni special. We love a badboy and all, but not when it turns his girlfriends into sparring truck drivers.

Then again, JB has been speaking in polysyllabic words these days and trying a teensy bit harder to man up/show up despite his well-scrutinized batting average. So what's your opinion? Is Justin worth fighting for? Take the poll!

Would you fight for Justin Bobby?

  • Nope. He's a tried and true playa, and both girls need to run for the nearest exit.
  • Actually, yeah. He may have a bad track record, but can't you tell he's trying to change?

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