It's Not Evan's Fault He's Right And You're Wrong

You've seen Evan in action on The Ruins (and heard what he's had to say for himself on Ruins Replay). So what's the Duel 2 champ up to these days? Oh, you know, the usual -- hanging out with Peruvian midgets, saving the world and redefining sexy. Yep, turns out Easy E's actual life is almost as insane as a Real World/Road Rules Challenge! Check out some of Evan's best Twitticisms, plus find out whether he's working with -- or against -- Veronica on tonight's all-new Ruins at 10pm.

+ BONUS: Travel back in time to the Duel 2 for one of our all-time favorite Challenge Dailies, starring Evan and Mark. Anyone else feel the bromance in the air?