Erin Kaplan's Just Not That Into Olivia Palermo

It's easy to be jealous of the new girl (especially when she's smart, stylish and extremely well-connected), but Erin Kaplan told the L.A. Times blog she's not threatened by her coworker/City costar Olivia Palermo -- she's just not that impressed by her, either.

"I think that when you start anywhere you kind of want to embrace the people around you," Erin said. "When I was new, I wanted to get to know everyone in every department. [But] I felt like [Olivia] was focused on accessories and that was it. That’s not really how it is at a magazine or anywhere."

So what are some of Olivia's strengths? Well, clearly there's her ability to work a cocktail party (note: it helps when you're already "friends" with everyone in the room), plus Erin admitted Liv has "great personal style" and said Joe Zee hired her because "he thought she was talented and had a good eye." Don't get any ideas about the two girls being friends, though. "Obviously, Olivia and I don't get along," Erin went on.

Fortunately, Erin seems to have clicked better with the rest of her City costars. "I really like Roxy [Olin]," she said. "I think she’s very funny. She’s very self-deprecating ... She’s fun to be around. Yeah, I’m a fan of Roxy’s. And as for Whitney Port? "She's very level-headed," Erin praised. "I adore [her]."