Hot Shots: Whitney Port's Hair Is Feelin' The Breeze!

Either Whitney Port's got her own private wind machine or else she's just naturally blessed with the kind of long, flowy hair that only exists on runways/in music videos. So where was the City stunner going with those salon-perfect locks? Why, for a workout, of course!

Yep, Whit wasted flaunted those magical, tangle-free tresses on her way to the gym* this weekend, proving once again that -- after an hour with the flat iron and three outfit changes -- we STILL can't compete with famous people in black sweatpants. Which isn't to say we're ready to throw in the towel ... Now if you'll excuse us, we've got a blowout (and a personal training sesh) to schedule.

*Theoretically, she could also be coming back FROM the gym, but we refuse to believe hair can look that good post-cardio.