Have Speidi Passed The Torch To Jon And Kate?

Forget about 15 minutes. Now, Spencer and Heidi Pratt are well into their third year in the spotlight, and the Hills' newlyweds (they got hitched on the show ... twice ... after three proposals) have never looked back. Their secret? They've got the paps on speed-dial, over a million combined Twitter pals and a special talent for churning out celebrity feuds, TMI interviews and the best reality TV meltdowns we've ever seen.

So what'd the press-loving pair -- who, literally, wrote the book on fame -- do for Halloween this year? They grabbed eight plastic baby dolls and dressed up as fellow reality stars-turned-tabloid fixtures Jon and Kate Gosselin. Natch, they were (likely) going for shock factor, exposure and an easy punchline, but seeing Speidi all decked out in their Gosselin garb made us wonder: has the reality torch been passed?

Remember: the Gosselins, like the Pratts, started out as just a regular (read: non-famous) couple, and quickly morphed into an overhyped media sensation, thanks in large part to their tumultuous relationship, tabloid appeal and the marvels of modern television. They may not be working hard for the money (unlike Speidi, who've done everything from rapping to singing to modeling to stay au currant), but Jon and Kate have nonetheless risen up the reality ranks to become the biggest thing since Brangelina.

+ Do the Gosselins have more staying power than the Pratts? Or are they about due for a backlash? Take the poll and tell us whether you think Jon and Kate's 15 minutes are almost up -- or just gettin' started.