Which Of Audrina's Halloween Getups Is The Sexiest?

What has pink parachute pants and a gold earring? Well, 364 days out of the year, we'd have to say MC Hammer, but on this special post-Halloween Monday Funday, the answer we're looking for starts with Audrina and ends with Patridge. Yep, once again, the Hillzie went all out for Oct. 31, this time going girly/glam as a genie in a bottle (sans bottle) for a costume partay in Atlantic City. But was her "I Dream of Genie" outfit a dream come true? Take a look back at what 'Drina wore on Halloweens past (she went from Material Girl to peacock from 2008-2009), then take our poll and vote for your favorite look.

Which of Audrina Patridge's costumes do you like best?

  • Madonna. Cherish the love, y'all!
  • The Peacock. That makeup took waaaay more than four minutes.
  • The Genie. Pretty n' pink is always in vogue!