Starmaker's Liz: 'I'm The Happiest Girl In The World!'

We've got a winner, folks! Liz, the sweet country gal with the powerful pipes, was crowned a star on tonight's finale, and she just couldn't be more delighted. Check out Liz's update below to find out her thoughts on the entire Starmaker experience!

What a ride it has been. Out of 14 singers in the pack, Diddy picked me -- the COUNTRY artist -- to represent BadBoy. I’m the happiest girl in the world!

I knew when I entered this competition that it was going to be tough, but being myself and staying true to who I am were key ingredients to the top spot. I have taken all the criticism from the Starmaker judges and turned it into positive advice to help further my career. And I feel blessed to have had the chance to work alongside so many great individuals, each with their own unique talents.

The Starmaker stage was nothing short of AWESOME. The moment I walked out with adrenaline pumping through my veins, the crowd cheering my name, I knew this was only the beginning of my journey!!

I want to thank Diddy and Mark Burnett for making such an amazing program! Also, the house band who rocked it out every week; vocal coach Romeo Johnson, who had the best techniques; Laurie Ann Gibson because she is such a motivator!; Tamara Conniff, who offered the best advice; and last but definitely not least, Rodney Jerkins, producer extraordinaire.

To all the people who have goals and dreams: Shoot for the **STARS** because you only live ONCE ... and DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Now, as I sign with BadBoy I have just three words to say: Let’s make history!



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