Starmaker's Todd: I'm 'Ready To Hit The Road'

At the end of the Starmaker journey, it came down to two very talented singers ... and as with most competitions, only one person could win. Of course, Todd was disappointed when he wasn't picked, but that hasn't made him any less grateful for the experience of being on the show. Check out his update below...

Well … I had a good run. I wanted to win, and didn't -- but staying to the end allowed me to gain a great deal of knowledge and experience.

When I first met the cast, I knew the competition would be tough. The level of talent was exceptional, so making the Starmaker finale was a win in itself. I wish Liz the best. She is a talented performer and deserving of her success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow cast members. Despite the negatives that competition can bring out, I know we shared a lot of laughs and a camaraderie that will live on.

Thank you Rodney Jerkins and Tamara Conniff for the positive comments that helped build my confidence week after week. Thank you Pete Wentz, Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Rowland for taking time out of your busy schedules to give us valuable advice. Thank you Romeo Johnson and Johnny Wright for being coaches, and also for your support and counsel. Thank you Laurie Ann Gibson for bringing out a side in me that I wasn’t sure existed.

I would also like to thank MTV, Mark Burnett and Diddy for giving me an opportunity to showcase what I do.

Know that the journey does not end here. I’m very grateful for being a part of Starmaker and am excited about what comes next. The van is gassed up and ready to hit the road. Stay tuned …

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