VIDEO: Rob Gives Chanel Her Final Performance Evaluation

With tonight's Fantasy Factory finale just a few hours away, we've been taking some quiet time to reflect on all the laughs, thrills and 'say what?'s from Season 2. Like, rememba when Chanel almost beat Steve Berra in a girl vs. boy rap battle? The guys were so impressed! And it wasn't just a fluke -- Chanel's got real skillz. In fact, our cameras caught her just a few weeks ago freestylin' about what it's like to always work the dude shift. Check it:

Speaking of Chanel's job at the Factory ... take a look at this video of Rob grading her performance as a receptionist. The good news? She's got perfect attendance.

Not exactly a glowing review, but it sounds like Chanel's set for life if she and Ryan Sheckler are planning on makin' some babies. So, are they really? After the jump, hear Chanel clear up any recent rumors about sk8r boi crushes and her lack of office productivity.

Thanks for all the mems, Rob and CC. Hurry back to us, ya hear?