Travis And Andy: One Part Rivalry, Two Parts Bromance

At any given moment, Travis Pastrana and Andy Bell are either laughing, fighting, cheering each other on, or incessantly poking fun at every failure. In short, they're like brothers. Really, really competitive brothers (with identical haircuts), who can't seem to agree on who had this season's coolest stunt. And since they're STILL going back and forth between Travis' roof jump and Andy's souped-up three wheeler, we thought we'd help 'em out by letting you guys announce the winner.

Think Travis' suicidal building leap (and parachute-less sky dive) were the most hardcore? Or did Andy edge him out with stunts like Crazy Rocket Trike and "Dude, Where's My Car's Fire Extinguisher"? Take the poll and tell us which of these Nitro besties had this season's sweetest moves.

Who won round two of the Travis-and-Andy rivalry?

  • Travis Pastrana
  • Andy Bell

+ Like that pic of Travis and Andy? Well, you've got Jolene Van Vugt to thank for it. Give it up for Nitro's (unofficial) photo journalist, and check out some other shots she snapped from the sidelines this season.