Audrina Has Double-Jointed Shoulders, And Other Fun Facts

There's a difference between watching somebody get emotional on The Hills and finding out exactly what they're like off-screen. Which is why Audrina Patridge says there's a lot more to her than what you see on the show. So what's 'Drina really like? Earlier this week, she posted 15 fun facts about herself on her website. Check em' out below and tell us which one surprised you the most!

1. I used to have my nose pierced.

2. I have a strange and irrational fear of sloths. They totally creep me out!

3. I have idolized Grace Kelly since the sixth grade.

4. I love to mix Tapatio hot sauce and ranch dressing together and dip my pizza in it. Delicious!

5. I am somehow related to Cheryl Ladd on my dad's side of the family.

6. I used to have a Yamaha YZ125 motorcycle.

7. My natural hair color is dirty blonde.

8. My brother is teaching me how to surf. I am slowly getting better at it.

9. I took karate lessons, but I only made it to yellow.

10. I was a straight-A student growing up.

11. If I wasn't acting, I would have liked to study psychology at Pepperdine.

12. I played a munchkin in a production of The Wizard of Oz at my school. It's a really funny video!

13. I was on the swim team in high school. I swam the 400-yard freestyle.

14. I'm double-jointed in my thumbs and my shoulders.

15. I like to eat breakfast for dinner.

Thanks for the info, Audrina! And feel free to post that Wizard of Oz video whenever you get a chance. We're thinking it'll go great next to Whitney Port's Little League pix and Lauren Conrad's very first straw hat.