Rob Dyrdek vs. Willy Wonka: Who's Got The Awesomest Factory?

Tonight, Rob Dyrdek opened the gates to his Fantasy Factory and invited 30 Twitter winners inside for a fun-filled afternoon of freebies, foam pits -- and, in one lucky gentleman's case -- a pie-throwing bonanza. And as we watched the laughing children circle around the purple shark, it reminded us of the scene in Willy Wonka where the Golden Ticket winners (like humble Charlie, obnoxious Veruca and future blueberry Violet), get to see insides of the chocolate factory for the very first time.

Natch, that led to a semi-related discussion of who would play Augustus Gloop in a Fantasy Factory remake (our money's on Jeremy), and, eventually, caused us to wonder which imaginative dreamworld we'd rather visit, assuming we had the choice.

Let's weigh the merits of both, shall we? On Wonka's side, we've got all the candy you can eat, lush, chocolate rivers and those creeptastic little orange men. On Dyrdek's, we've got Tina the Testie, the zip line, and the best skateboarding bulldogs the world's ever known. So where would you rather spend an afternoon? Take the poll and let us know!

You tell us: Who's got the world's funnest factory?

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