Evan And Kenny's Wish Comes True: An 'Anti-Katie Episode'

We still don't quite get the big thrill behind putting a plunger on someone's bed, but one thing's for sure after seeing tonight' Ruins: Evan and Kenny will do anything to get a rise out of Katie ... and she's always down to take the bait. So why do these guys give this raspy firecracker such a hard time (aside from the fact that they give everyone a hard time)? For starters, she's "like a trucker" and has "no feminine qualities whatsoever." Hey, we're pretty sure we saw boobies, but g'head and hear what Kevan are trying to spit out in our Ruins Replay exclusive:

Of course, Evan and Kenny weren't the only people in the house who made Katie go totally freakin' nutso. Something about Sarah really ticked her off, and it wasn't just the fact that she happened to be in the wrong room at the wrong time. Get the inside scoop from Johanna and Ibis on why Katie really wanted to take down Sarah in The Ruins. Hint: It involves lesbian sex.