VIDEO: Kristin's Ex-Bestie Wants A Laguna Beach Reunion!

As die-hard Laguna fans, we were devastated when Kristin admitted that she and former BFF Jessica had lost touch over the years. Fortunately, The Hills: Live After Show hosts Dan and Jessi managed to track down K-Cav's high school gal pal and find out whether she has any interest in getting the old gang back together. Turns out, Jess (who, by the way, is MARRIED!) says she's totally down for an LB reunion! In the below video, hear what else she revealed on last night's After Show, including whether she's (finally!) stopped talking to Jason Wahler ...

+ Watch the rest of the After Show to hear what Jessi and Dan had to say about Justin Bobby's maybe-betrayal of K-Cav, as well as Holly's one-of-a-kind dance moves.

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