Hills Poll: Anyone Still Rooting For Justin And Audrina? Anyone?

When Justin Bobby stared into Audrina's eyes and said he still thinks about her, we braced ourselves for the inevitable (but empowering!) blow-off. Unfortunately, that moment never came. Despite the fact that 'Drina claims she's moved on (and Justin claims they never even dated!), the on-again, off-again Hillzies still can't seem to call it quits. And even though we're sick of watching this breakup dance, we thought we'd find out whether any romantics out there are rooting for a reconciliation.

+ Think Justin and Audrina still have a shot at a happily-ever-after? Or is this prolonged semi-split keeping both of them from settling down with other peeps? Take the poll and tell us whether you guys wanna see JB and Audrina (finally!) ride off into the sunset -- or break it off for good.

Should Audrina and Justin give it one more try?

  • Yes, absolutely! Ever heard the saying 'all you need is love'?
  • No. There's a reason they keep breaking up! Time to live, learn -- and move on.