Is Kristin Cavallari Wasting Her Time With Justin Bobby?

We don't know what's going on between Audrina and Justin right now, but until they sort through the mess, we suggest Kristin Cavallari keep her distance. Sure, she may act tough, but -- despite her promise that she's not looking for anything serious -- the girl's been pining for Justin ever since they first locked eyes at Speidi's wedding. And whether or not 'Drina decides to give Justin a second chance, the very fact that those two exes are texting (and, um, reminiscing about how in love they were), makes us think it's time K-Cav gracefully stepped aside. Take the poll and tell us whether you guys think Kristin Cavallari should keep talking JB up to daddy -- or slowly back away from the man with the stomach tat.

You tell us: Is it time for Kristin Cavallari to move on?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Too early to tell