Kelly Cutrone Life Lesson No. 245: Guys Are Like Dogs!

We've learned a lot from brassy boss lady Kelly Cutrone over the years. And last night was no exception. Once again, the PR maven/unsolicited advice-giver stole the show when she advised Whitney Port to let her new man mark his territory -- all over Jay Lyon's toilet seat. And since we know we're not the only ones who enjoy Kelly's words of wisdom (or 'Cutronisms', as we like to call them), we thought we'd give you a rundown of our fave three KC-inspired life lessons. Starting with:

1. It is better to be feared than loved. Okay, fine, so Macchiavelli said it first. But nobody implements his respect-through-intimidation tactics better than Hurricane Kelly. The way Cutrone sees it, coddling is for the weak. So instead of sweet-talking her staff, KC motivates through scary pep talks and semi-regular firings. Remember: a fearful staff is a productive staff! (Well, usually.)

2. There's no shame in harassing the hired help. Seen any attractive underlings lately? Well, just cause you're signing their checks doesn't mean they're off-limits to your single/fabulous protegee! 'Member when Kelly set Whitney up with the adorable (though unfortunately super-tanned) Alex after ogling him at a model casting? Hey, it pays to be the boss.

3. Always be yourself. We all remember watching Kelly interrogate Allie the aspiring model about her weight. And even though Whitney asked politely, Kelly refused to back down. While not all of you approved of KC's bluntness, the People's Rev founder refused to do a takesies-backsies. Why? Because, after all, she's a bitch. And, like Kristin Cavallari, she totally owns it.

+ Got any Kelly Cutronicdotes we missed? Share 'em in the comments! Plus, listen to her sound off on Roxy Olin's very first day, and check the vid below to hear Kelly's own treasured memory: the time she screamed at someone because she "ended up flying in a middle seat in coach next to a really obese person." (We love you, Kel Kel!)